Healthy land, healthy cattle & healthy people - all  connected.


At our small family farm we believe that the land provides the most nutritious feed, after all it's been doing so for thousands of years. The phrase, "You are what you eat" applies to livestock as well as people. 

Because of this we provide the pure, nutritious, God-designed grass to nourish our cattle. We are consistently rotating the cattle through pastures in a way that allows the land to heal itself which improves the land, soil and water.


Galloways are an old Scottish breed famous for producing high-quality beef on grass alone. They thrive in cold, adverse weather conditions and are specifically chosen for Minnesota winters. 

Our livestock produce an exceptional tender and flavorful meat, free of added hormones, animal by-products and GMO feed.


After an apprenticeship at a local, grass-based dairy farm we fell in love with nutritious food raised naturally from the land. It was that experience which started our journey into owning our own farm. 

For over a decade we've been studying, experimenting, building a grass-based herd and building a grass-based business.

We truly enjoy watching the land improve, seeing the cattle thrive in a low-stress, healthy environment and building relationships with customers year after year. 

We hope you enjoy the beef and we look forward to helping you eat healthy.


Now that you know who we are and what we do the next step is to get our meat on your plate. If its your first time ordering it might be a little confusing, so we have put together 4 ordering options for you to choose from. When you call to order we can walk you through each option.


Quarter - $6.90*

Half - $6.75*

Whole - $6.60*

(*finished weight)

Organ meat is $3.00 lb. with this option

30 lb. Including:

Half - Steaks & Roast

Half - Ground Beef


Ground Beef 20 lb. (or more)


Crow Wing Food Co-Op

(Seasonally everything we sell)